Salad in a jar

A while back, my sister told me about salad in a jar.  I thought it sounded strange, so I looked it up.  It was all over Pinterest.  And then I forgot about it.  Last week, in an effort to eat more veggies I thought I’d finally try my hand at it.

2014-01-13 13.30.29 

Taking salad to work can be a pain because it needs to be fresh to taste good and my salad dressing always spills in my bag.  Also, I am not great at packing my lunch every morning.  Anything to make it easier is a good thing.  I loved it!  It was easy to prepare a few salads in advance and tasted great for lunch.  The key for me is using a grain at the bottom to absorb the dressing and putting the greens on the top.  When you pour it into a bowl, it’s perfect!

2014-01-13 13.32.57

I see a lot more salads in my future.  And any reason to use mason jars is a plus for me!


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