Out with the old, in with the new

When Carlo and I were married a year and a half ago, his best friend Edgar gifted us a car.  A 2002 Mazda Protege.  Crazy right?  What’s even better is that it was a car that had been passed down through Edgar’s family and it was so sweet that they fixed it up for us to have a turn.  It was exciting to drive off after our wedding in our own car!

Just Married

Living downtown Toronto, a car is a luxury, not a necessity, but it sure made life easier.  Trips to the grocery store or to visit Carlo’s mom in Etobicoke were no longer daunting journeys.  It was now easier to visit my family in Carleton Place and our family cottage which is in the middle of nowhere.  The biggest problem I had with the car was that it was a standard transmission.  I do not know how to drive stick.  Carlo tried teaching me a few times, but I am a chicken and was too scared to drive it, especially in the city.  So I remained a passenger.  Thankfully my brother can drive it as well!  So Jeff and I took it up to our family cottage a few times.

The last time we took it to the mechanic, he let us know that it wasn’t in great shape.  Despite the car looking alright, he said something about the frame of the car being very rusty.  We weren’t about to spend a fortune on the 10+ year old car, so we decided to limit it’s usage to local drives.  No more travelling to the cottage, or to my parents’ place.


This Christmas, my parents gifted us their old car!  It was so unexpected.  I knew they were trying to sell it, but I didn’t think they would give it to us!  The used car gods smiled on us again.  This time it’s a 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix.  And it’s automatic, so I can drive!

2013-12-28 15.17.31

Now I have to practice my assertive city driving.  Like our old car, it’s a little rusty.  Speaking of the old car, we had to let her go.  Owning two cars in Toronto is just crazy.  Carlo listed it on the good old Craigslist and it was gone 2 weeks later.  We didn’t get much for it, but we didn’t expect to.  Why is it sad to get rid of a car?  Here’s our last photo with it.

last shot with car

Hopefully we’ll get to take Big Red on a few adventures in the near future 🙂


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