Mini March Break

Carlo has some time off right now and although this winter has us longing for a beach down south, we opted for the more frugal option of visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Ottawa for the weekend.  It’s amazing how getting away, even for a few days feels so good.  We’ll have to remember this and take advantage of visiting family more often.

We left Toronto on Friday afternoon and arrived in Ottawa for a late dinner and a few beers (of course).  On Saturday, Brad had a curling match so Kristie, Carlo and I checked out the National Gallery of Canada.

I hadn’t been to the gallery in years.  It’s a beautiful building; the architecture makes it such a pleasure to wander.  We attended a talk by a docent, which I found more interesting than I thought I would.  She encouraged us as a group, to look at the pieces and describe what we saw in the subject, the technique, what’s in the background, the history etc instead of doing the “gallery walk” where you merely glance at the pieces as you walk through.   I must admit that I do travel through exhibits quickly.  I think it’s because I feel the need to see the whole museum once I’ve paid for a ticket.   Admission prices seem so high, and scar me off.  Maybe we should buy a membership to the AGO in Toronto?  It appeals to me to go frequently, in shorter visits and just pick one section to really enjoy. 

Brad and Kristie are fortunate to have found a house in walking distance to the canal, so that’s where we headed in the afternoon.  I might have over-estimated my skating abilities, or been too condfident in the brand new figure skates I was wearing, because I fell several times before putting my boots back on.  As compensation, we got Beavertails!  That’s really the reason I like going to the canal 🙂

On Sunday, Mom, Dad and Grandma joined us for brunch at Brad and Kristie’s.  These are the moments that make me wish I lived closer to my family.  I miss them!

After brunch, Carlo and I hit the road.  Hwy 401 can often seem unending making for a miserable ride, but this weekend I didn’t mind so much.  Good music and good company (and a stop at Mickey D’s) were a great end to our Mini March break.

2014-03-02 17.17.44

This weekend reminded me that I don’t take enough photos. After having a great time, I expect to have a bunch of great photos to reflect it until I remember that I didn’t take very many.  I don’t want to be someone who is stuck behind a camera, or someone who bothers others with incessant picture taking, but I want to stop feeling self-concious about pulling out a camera and I want to have more picture memories to look back on.  We don’t have a great camera, so most of our pictures are taken with an iPhone.  I’m mostly happy with the quality, and it’s so darn convenient.  We have a little point and shoot that’s several years old as well.  We are looking forward to purchasing a new camera soon, not sure what kind yet.  I’m going to try making photos a priority in my life right now.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂