2014-04-26 17.07.37

Hello, I am Sarah.  I am a 32 year old living downtown Toronto with my husband, Carlo.  My maiden name was Bustard and I married into the name Lazzarino, both mouthfuls, I know, hence Bustarino.

We rent our amazing apartment in an old row house; we definitely lucked out in this area.

I have spent the last ten years as an Assistant Stage Manager in the theatre and now I am an office administrator at a financial research company.  A big change that I’m still finding my way through.

I love making things, be it food or crafts and always I always have the TV on.  My husband is a pastry chef, so I have the advantage of his expertise on my kitchen adventures.  I adore the theatre, especially musicals and I admit that I do not get out to see shows as often as I would like.

Welcome to my corner of the blog world!


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