Catching Up

  • On Canada Day, we broke out or little charcoal BBQ and had steak.  We haven’t done that in ages.
  • I checked out a Toronto Fringe Festival show on Saturday called “Chasing Maragaret Flatwood” by my friends at Theatre Awakening and had a great time.  Loved the sense of humour, and it was presented at a historic site downtown.  Then I walked south to meet Carlo when he was finished work and I can never resist a good photo of the CN Tower on a gorgeous day.
  • Carlo is making a wedding cake for a good friends of ours this week.  They did the food for our wedding, and now it all comes full circle.  I picked up a few supplies on Sunday.  Yes, that is 12 pounds of butter.  And he thinks he needs more!
  • I’m working on some new and old stitching projects.

That’s all…



Summer weekends

Carlo and I have been trying to get out of the house and join in on things more often.  It’s just so easy to stay in and watch TV, althought I still love to do that.  Over the past few days we went to see the Blue Jays play the Yankees (we lost), drove to Stratford, and went to the World Pride Parade!  There was even a rainbow after the parade, so perfect.  I’m at work today, but off again tomorrow for Canada Day!  We have no plans, but maybe tomorrow will be one where we stay close to home and hang out, oh and catch some fireworks if it doesn’t rain.


2014-06-24 23.21.32

Last night, my friend Jory and I went to see Theatre 20‘s production of Company by Sondheim.  I loved it!  I’d never seen a live production of the show before and the cast line-up was so incredible, I could not miss it and they did not disappoint.  Not surprisingly, my favourites were Brent Carver and Louise Pitre.  I highly recommend checking it out.


I’m in a bloggy mood today.  Probably because I read others and then I want to join in.

My office is having a World Cup pizza party right now.  Drinking beer at my desk feels so bad 😉

2014-06-24 12.10.54

Tonight, my friend Jory and I are going to see the musical Company by Theatre 20.  I haven’t seen any Sondheim shows in a while and the cast list for this on is incredible.  Can’t wait!


I had such a great response to my new little Etsy shop from all my friends and family, thanks guys!

2014-06-24 11.47.14

It’s been fun watching to see how many people stop by to check it out.  And I made my first sale!  It happens to be my best friend’s dad, but it still counts.  There is a lot I need to learn about pricing, shipping and doing custom orders, but so far I’m having fun.

2014-06-24 11.52.25

Little Garden

I have always wanted to try my hand at growing vegetables, but never had a yard or garden. We still don’t, but Carlo and I decided to jump in and try it in containers on our deck.  We looked up some tips online and learned about self-wicking continers on youtube.  I hope these will help us when we’re away for the weekend.

We planted some Beefsteak tomatoes, Swiss chard and Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.  They are all supposed to thrive in full sun, and that’s good, because they live on our 3rd floor deck and there is no shade at all.

2014-05-25 10.39.22


I think we were premature, but we couldn’t help ourselves and harvested a few leaves from our Swiss chard.  Although young, they were delicious and I hope the plant thrives so that we can eat it all the time 🙂

2014-06-09 19.01.30


We went away to the cottage last weekend and some of our containers dried out a little, but look what I found last night

2014-06-19 19.55.24 2014-06-19 19.55.36

We have tomatoes!  I will try to keep them alive until they’re ripe.


Farmers’ Market

Last night after work, Carlo and I headed to the Sorauren Farmers’ Market.

Sorauren Farmers' Market

It’s something we’d love to attend weekly, but somehow it never happens.  It was beautiful weather and there were children playing soccer all over the park.  We bought some plantains, fish fritters and lemonade to snack on and headed home with sorel, kale, chickpea sprouts, bread and cheese.  We enjoyed our treats while submitting to the new season of Orange is the New Black.  That show is so great, we have to ration our episodes so we don’t run out too soon.



It is so hard coming back into the city and to the office after being away, even if it was just for the weekend.

We spent some time at my grandparents house in Napanee.  The old house has finally been sold and we’re in the last days of packing up, it’s very sad, but we can’t hold onto it forever.


We also spent some time up at the cottage celebrating my brother’s (belated) birthday, my mom’s birthday and Father’s Day!  Carlo made us lemon curd and angel food cake and we still have some leftovers.  We also played a few good games courtesy of my brother-in-law.  It was such a busy and lovely weekend, that I didn’t take any photos!  Here’s a shot from a few weeks ago.

2014-05-31 18.38.46

Getting out of the city

We`re headed to one of my favourite places this weekend, the family cottage!  Carlo and I each took a long weekend to go up and enjoy my mom`s birthday and Father`s Day with the whole family.

I feel so fortunate to have an escape location just a few hours away.  It feels so Canadian to have a cottage in the woods on a lake.  I can`t wait to get there, maybe I`ll even go swimming, if it`s not to cold.